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Gabrielle Grawey Testimonial by Rock ThomasJune 2/14 Testimonial for Gabrielle Grawey  
Gabrielle Grawey was introduced to me from one of my brokers at Remax Royal Jordan in 2004, and consulted me on the conference room I needed to redesign to hold my motivational training seminars.

Gabrielle came up with great concepts and we moved forward with the project. In 2008 I decided to lease out my building and start a new business and needed to create an office adjacent to my home. I had Gabrielle furnish and decorate the office, her vision and creativity brought instant inspiration to the space and created an inviting and functional environment for everyone working there. Over the years she has staged numerous properties for my brokers and clients, and continues to do so with success.

 Gabrielle’s work as a stager stands apart from the other stagers, her integrity, creativity and diplomatic approach is clearly noted and clients find her to be a delight to work with. I had also been traveling extensively, and with Christmas 2012 approaching, I had no time to decorate and shop for my friends and family. Gabrielle decorated my home for the holidays and did all my Christmas shopping, and I have to say, she really knows how to shop and is a very intuitive individual! Everything was perfectly wrapped with the appropriate person’s name attached. What a great service for anyone dealing with time constraints! As a motivational speaker I was in need of a new image and wardrobe, I had no time to shop and wasn’t sure what style was best for me. Gabrielle consulted me on my image, and I was amazed to see her go through my closet, picking out my best pieces, setting them aside without looking at the labels. She had me try on a few pieces I already had and saw that although they were great pieces they didn’t fit me as well as they should have. She brought me to a seamstress she trusted who can do the work without compromising the designer pieces. Gabrielle has a natural eye for detail & quality, you couldn’t tell that these pieces were altered and they fit me to perfection! She took my measurements and off she went shopping without me – Great! I gave her a budget and three days later, Gabrielle came over with a collection of bags from various stores, she had covered everything from casual wear to business attire - suites, jackets, pants, shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, cufflinks, ties and belts.

 It felt like Christmas and she was Santa! Wow! I was astounded by her impeccable taste and choices she made that truly reflected the personal and professional image I wanted to project, I loved everything she chose for me and was equally surprised at how perfectly everything fit, other than hemming a pair of pants. I then asked her to purchase a watch for me, and she came back with a watch I love and could wear every day. To this day I still get complimented on what she chose for me.

I am now in the progress of setting up my new real estate business Keller Williams in the West Island and consulting Gabrielle on the project.

I highly recommend Gabrielle Grawey for her creative vision, her professionalism and impeccable taste,… in all the services she offers.

 Rock Thomas



 Home Staging West ISalnd Montreal

Gabrielle's work as a home stager was a major factor in the selling of my home, which had been on the market for a year prior to her working her magic. She paid close attention to detail and made sure to accentuate all the positive features of my house. Within three weeks the house was sold and the new buyers were interested in purchasing several of the items that she had displayed throughout the house. Gabrielle is a designer with impeccable taste and I would recommend her without

-Dina Schrider

There is a lot to say about Gabrielle Grawey...

Over the years Gaby has staged to success several of my personal properties as well as my clients. Not only does she stage to sell to success, she also helped my clients in preparation to stage their new homes to live.

Gaby's ability to instantly develop a rapport with people on a deep level is remarkable...her knowledge, her methods, her professionalism and her personality....She is simply the best stager I have ever had...period.

Rosetta Gentile, Remax Royal Jordan


I have been working with Gabrielle for the past several years and have just recently completed another successful home staging with her on one of my listing's in Kirkland.

It was a unique ranch bungalow just renovated by my vendors but not decorated, so it did not show very well. Gabrielle transformed it into a
beautiful home and it was a very positive experience for my client Mrs. Whitbread, she was very pleased with the final result of selling her home within 4 days on the market and within 99% of the selling price. As well, Gabrielle made my client feel important, comfortable and she was included in the shopping process for materials.
Gabrielle is a true professional in her field and very talented and creative. I trust her completely with my clients and love that she works well in a team atmosphere with me and my clients. I would definitely refer her to anyone in need of home staging and as well for personal interior decor as she has helped me turn my house into a lovely home for myself and my daughters

Jennifer Gunn, REMAX Royal Jordan




During the winter of 2010, we invited Gabrielle Grawey over to our home in Montreal (adjacent to Westmount). We had seen an article in the newspaper about Gabrielle and the work that she had done to stage a home for a sale. We were planning to put our house up for sale and we knew that work had to be done to make it more presentable. We had completed a major renovation four years prior and the kitchen, along with other areas of the house, was up-to-date. Some of the other rooms needed a serious makeover.
Gabrielle, with camera in hand, photographed each room of our large home.

She is very observant and very intuitive. After touring, talking with us and having a good look around, we sat down to talk. Gabrielle understood our budget and knew that she had to work within those parameters. She also knew that she was working with a knowledgeable client because my husband is an architect and a general contractor. Homes are his business.
In January, 2010, we took six pages of notes based on Gabrielle’s comments.

In May, 2010, we had completed every single one of her suggestions on those pages. We followed them religiously and when she returned to re photograph, the before and after pictures, she was quite impressed. Gabrielle’s plans involved some major work, such as putting hardwood floor in the family room which had been carpeted and some very minor decorative work. She told us exactly where to go for our decorative needs and she responded, by phone, to many requests for help. We were in touch with her throughout that four-month staging period. Gabrielle came shopping with me on two occasions when I felt overwhelmed. I thought I would hate this experience but it ended up being fun, stress-free and quite easy to do.

Gabrielle has a most keen eye. When we look at a room day, in and day out, we are not aware of the clutter with which we are surrounded. For example, we have an international mask collection in our family room. She helped us remove the masks, since we were painting the walls anyway, and she spread out the collection so that each wall held very few masks. The end result is that each mask now shows beautifully, the clutter is gone and the room looks much larger and cleaner.

Gabrielle came over, once the painting and simple renovations were done, and helped us put up our curtains, our paintings and taught us how to place the linen on a bed so that it looks just perfect. She was good-humoured and a pleasure to work with at all times. We love how our house looks now and are not pleased to sell it but that was the original reason for the home staging. Mission accomplished.
-Susan Heckler


Your professionalism and your help are thoughtful and appreciated.

Andres Pedriks, Real Estate Agent 



Home Staging Montreal Testiimonial

Dear Gabrielle, I thank you sincerely and wholeheartedly for making my intimate living space a paradise on earth.




Interior Devorating Montreal Testimonial

Merci de nous avoir permis de rêver et de réaliser un nouveau défi.

—Claudette et Jules Théberge


Montreal West Island Home Staging Testimonial

I found Gabrielle Grawey after reading an article about her in the Gazette last spring. We met for our first consultation for a property I wanted to rent on a regular basis, short term.

Gabrielle has also worked on our own home, and we've recommended her to our friends, and they are as delighted as we were.
Gabrielle's innovative ideas, the confidence she exudes combined with her low key personality make her a winning asset. She's a joy to work with.

—Manon Bouchard



Montreal Home Designer Testimonial

Creativity and devotion are the two qualities that best describe my experience as client. I definitely recommend Gabrielle Grawey for your interior decoration projects.

— Charles Haddad, Ph.D.


Aruba Business Owner Testimonial

Gabrielle was contracted by Tierra del Sol in February 1999 to decorate our first group of model homes for our Mesa  Vista neighborhood. These decorated model homes were an instant success, and contributed towards the sell-out of this addition. This assignment quickly led into other projects including decorating our award winning restaurant, our Pro Shop, Members Locker Rooms and our Spa and Fitness Center.

Gabrielle's professionalism, experience and artistic vision will make her a valuable asset to any organization lucky enough to experience her talents.

—Ann Brown, Director of Operations


Real Estate Home Staging Testimonial

I highly recommend Gabrielle for your home staging or interior design needs, so much so that Gabrielle has been helping perfect my own home. There is no one that I trust more than Gabrielle and there is no one better for the job.

—Jennifer Gun, affiliated real estate agent.


Residential Redecorating Montreal

Gabrielle Grawey came highly recommended to us by an agent. Her first job was to redecorate our house to prepare it for sale. The alterations were successful and the house was sold near the asking price.

—Joseph A. Zilkha


Home Staging Montreal Testimonial

A new real estate agent had been soliciting me for my business and had mentioned Gabrielle Grawey.  I was expecting the typical flighty egocentric decorator. Instead, I had a real person in front of me, genuine, calm, warm and professional. I hired her on the spot, and listened to all her recommendations. I gave her "carte blanche" in buying what was needed, and making all the selections.

Her vision was positive, she gave us the confidence that this house would sell fast. She was right on the mark, after our first open house and caravan, we had 2 offers and it sold in 4 DAYS for $310,000, versus $250,000, 6 months ago.

If you let her do her magic, you will be impressed with the outcome.

—Hélène Gagnon


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